Fee Structure

Initial consultationFree of charge
Monthly management feeThis includes all monthly charges made by the various waste companies/contractors, and a nominal administration fee – covered by one monthly invoice
RebatesObtained from your waste (available for certain grades of waste) will be deducted from your monthly invoice

(For further information, see FPS Payment Details.)

The initial consultation to establish your waste management solutions is free of charge.

Following the initial consultation, the proposed waste management services and related costs will be discussed and agreed with you, before entering into a contract.

We will then issue monthly invoices for the monthly management fee which includes the service fees of the chosen contractors and F.P.S. administration costs.

The fees will be set and discussed with you at the outset. Should your requirements change, the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Rebates may be available for certain items of waste; these rebates will be forwarded direct to you.